16 July 2001
To Whom It May Concern

I have recently had the pleasure of working with Simon Munro while he project managed and constructed additions and alterations to circa 1920 ‘English Revival’ residence to plans and specifications prepared by myself.

The project required skills in concrete construction with intensive foundation and piling works. The architectural style of the project required working with; heavy timber beams and roof framing, supporting a clay tile roof, a high degree of exposed timberwork detail, to match the existing house, together with traditional timber joinery and glazing. The development had a fairly high degree of difficulty and would have exceeded the ability of many other builders.

Simon’s ability to interpret detail, coordinate the project, the sub-trades and execute a seamless building alteration is a credit to his craft, found in few building contractors and normally senior to him in experience.

I can, in conclusion, recommend Simon highly to anyone requiring a Building Contractor of a high standard in all regards.

Yours faithfully
Fraser Gillies Prof. Member NZIAD, NZACS.

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